Why Use 2257Snap?

The People

Daniel UnderhillDaniel Underhill
Founder & President, Keyframe Programming, Inc.

Dan's YTracker desktop application was one of the first 2257 software solutions available to the small and medium sized webmaster and has gained a loyal following to this day. Taking the field tested and inspection-proven model of YTracker, Dan has written a completely new application for 2257Snap.com which works completely online and does all the hard work of organizing 2257 data for you.

Since creating Keyframe Programming, Inc. in 1992 (originally named Keyframe Multimedia, Inc.), Dan has been involved in all manner of cutting edge programming and creative design for clients such as Charles Schwab, U.S. Bank, U.S. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, BOSE as well as many forensic animation projects for private law firms around the world.

Keyframe Programming, Inc. has been providing top quality 3D images, animation and custom software programming solutions to a wide variety of industries ranging from corporate, entertainment, architectural, financial and legal. Dan's work has been featured on Japan's "Scoop 21" news magazine and worked with them to help revisit the murder of a young girl in Japan and re-examine the photographic evidence in the case. This ultimately led to the release of a severely mentally impaired individual who was wrongly convicted and served over 15 years in a mental hospital.

His other programs have included financial software packages dealing with day trading order execution and money management for traders. His free TradeLogger application has become a standard equity-curve money management tool for thousands of traders today.